School for Poetic Computation, Fall 2015

John Maeda

22 October, 2015 | Recreating the Past

In 1996, John Maeda designed 10 posters for the Morisawa typography company.



I created an Oculus Rift experience which places the player inside one of the posters, the words surrounding you on all sides streaming parabolically away from the player falling into the infinity below.


There's a very slight motion, the stream of text flows up the channel past you and back down behind your back. It rolls past so very slowly like a blue whale swimming by, almost hitting you as it passes, the players sometimes duck out of the way.


The 10 Morisawa posters

Code on Github, using Chris Anderson's postscript renderings, written with openFrameworks


download the app: (requires Mac OSX 10.10, Oculus Rift)