Robby Kraft

I'm a software engineer, origami artist, and coding instructor previously in Texas, Portland Oregon, New York City, currently in Austria.

I make creative and accessible software tools. I work on Rabbit Ear a computational geometry / origami software library. My origami artwork has an audience of over 50,000 followers on Instagram; I've been invited to speak about my code and my art; I've worked on media art installations for Frieze and Venice Biennale; and my work at the School for Poetic Computation appeared in publications including Forbes, The Daily Beast, and Gizmodo.

Professional Experience


Software Developer

, Karamba 3D

C#, Rhino/Grasshopper Development.

I developed a new mesher for the Karamba 3D tools, making heavy use of my algorithm design skills as well as computational geometry.

Aug. 2020-present


, Structure and Design, University of Innsbruck

Origami researcher, C# programming, writing and publishing research papers.

I later joined the SFB Advanced Computational Design group as a C# Kinect installation developer.



, Rabbit Ear

My origami modeling library, a large project that includes a math, graph, and svg library. Areas of focus: graph theory, computational geometry, and geometric folding algorithms. Node packages.

Jan. 2017-2020


, Parsons School of Design at The New School and ITP at New York University


Lecturer, TA, Steering Committee

, School for Poetic Computation, New York City

Non-degree track courses: Creative Coding Bootcamp (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020), Garden Mathematics, Yamaguchi Japan (2019), Code Paper Scissors (2019), Material Logic (2018), Recreating the Past (TA) (2017)


Creative Technologist

, freelance

C++, OpenGL/GLSL, Augmented Reality, hardware/Arduino, Processing/OpenFrameworks

Open-source libraries created:

360 spherical panorama view, geodesic spheres, Oculus Rift for Mac, iOS motion joystick, stargazing orientation, OpenGL micro graphics engine, motion capture, motion on embedded systems, platonic solids


Software Developer

, Teknikio, New York City


iOS Software Development

, freelance

iOS, Swift, Objective-C, Javascript, Node


iOS Developer

, Interval Studios, New York City

May 2013-June 2014

Mixed Reality & iOS Engineer

, Chroma Games, Portland, Oregon


Simulator Tech, Software & Origami Engineer

, Pacific Space Flight


Geodesic Consultant

, Effalo, Portland, Oregon


Viola, Violin, and Piano Instructor

, Portland, Oregon



School For Poetic Computation

, New York City, NY

University of North Texas

, Denton, TX
B.A. in Philosophy

Software Competency

capable technologies

Arduino, C, C++, C#, CSS, GLSL, HLSL, HTML, Javascript, .NET, Objective-C, Python, Rust, Swift, Typescript, Unity.



From Quad Filling to Wrinkled Surfaces,

Kraft, Maleczek, Mundilova, Tachi. Advances in Architectural Geometry. 2023


Lotus: A Curved Folding Tool for Grasshopper,

Mundilova, Demaine, Foschi, Kraft, Maleczek, Tachi. Proceedings of ACADIA Conference. 2021


How to Use Parametric Curved Folding Design Methods A Case Study and Comparison,

Foschi, Kraft, Maleczek, Mundilova, Tachi. Proceedings of IASS Annual Symposia, no. 23. 2020.


Folding Small Polyominoes into a Unit Cube,

Czajkowski, Demaine, Demaine, Eppling, Kraft, Mundilova, Smith. Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry. Saskatoon, Canada. August 57, 2020.


Orthogonal Voronoi Molecules,

Kraft. Origami 7, volume 2. Edited by Robert J. Lang, Mark Bolitho, Zhong You. Tarquin Publishing. 2018. Tarquin store



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The Daily Mail "The face that is everywhere: Creepy image combines thousands of photos of inanimate objects that look like people"

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The Atlantic "The Constellations Won't Always Look This Way"


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Exhibitions, Installations


Origami Universe

, Chi Mei Museum, Taiwan



, Visual Voice Gallery, Montreal Canada


Facing Geometry

, Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy


Target Wonderland

, Chelsea, New York City


Laser Trip

, Gallery Homeland, Portland, Oregon

Residencies & Awards

Aug. 2019

Tanteidan Convention Special Guest

, Japan Origami Academic Society, Tokyo, Japan

Sept. 2016

Artist in Residence

, Juegos Rancheros, Austin, Texas

March 2015

Artist in Residence

, Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, Texas


Nov 9, 2019

Origami Software

, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Sept 5, 2018

Orthogonal Voronoi Molecules

, 7OSME, Oxford, England

Jan 2018

Origami JS

, Brooklyn JS, Brooklyn, New York

Sept 2017

Origami Software from Scratch

, Strange Loop, St. Louis, Missouri

on YouTube

May 2015

Tour of Origami

, Nerd Nite, Austin, Texas


Parametric Origami Furniture

, Research Club, Portland, Oregon