CAZA at the Venice Biennale

The release of CAZA's book was commemorated by an installation at the Venice Biennale in 2016. This interactive mirror waits for people to approach and when it detects someone in front if it shapes taken from the architectural idioms at CAZA begin to appear and decorate the viewer's face. Collaboration with Zach Lieberman.

Our role was to incorporate the visual language at CAZA in a fun interactive installation.

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Shifting Sand Land

An interactive installation linking 2 augmented and virtual reality worlds. On display at the Museum of Human Achievement, photos from the Fantastic Arcade party.

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Target Wonderland

In 2015 Target created a wild landscape in a building in Chelsea, NYC gathering many types of creators together. I was in charge of the software running a jumbo Etch-a-Sketch.

I got a proprietary Etch-a-Sketch rendering library working in OpenFrameworks and managed the communication of taking and transmitting photos between 2 computers and the experience of animating people's faces on the large Etch-a-Sketch screen.

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