Apparent positions of Jupiter's moons

This project is an implementation of the trigonometric ephemeris approximations of Jupiter's 4 largest moons with respect to time. The program visualizes each moon's apparent position with respect to Jupiter as seen from Earth. The source material was Jean Meeus's Astronomical Algorithms.

from "Astronomical Algorithms" by Jean Meeus

Twitter bot

One product of this program is a twitter bot that generates and tweets an image representing the current location of the moons. Every 6 hours the bot tweets an animation of the path of the moons over the next 6 hours.

one 6 hour period

@jupiternow 499152060

tweet @ the bot

the bot's reply

Compose a tweet with

and the bot will reply to your tweet with a rendering of the positions of the moons at that exact time.

Jupiter's moons on twitter
source code on github
ephemeris from Astronomical Algorithms